List of projects planned/undertaken by The Positive EGM taskforce

1.Welcome Kit for residents (Status: Ongoing)
1.1 Contact numbers for carpenter, caterer, schools, electrician, RWA, schools, restaurants, taxi service, property dealers (Assigned: Parveen)
1.2 Shifting Process (Dos, Don'ts) (Assigned: Deepak)
1.3 Detailed map (Assigned: Krishna Dharasurkar)
1.4.Local transport details
1.5 House schematic for electrical and water pipeline

2. Car Pooling (Status: pending)
This task aims at promoting car pooling, request for car pooling will be posted on this blog.

3. Promotional Sticker clean up campaign (Status: pending)
This task aims at promoting a cleanliness drive where residents clean up advertisement stickers in their individual blocks.

4. Society map at main gate (Status: pending)
Because of frequent change in guards most of them don't know about the complex, a poster size map
in hindi/english should be fixed at entrance gate

5. Speed breaker modification for easy accessibility (Status: pending)
Currently speed breakers cover full length of road. This results in problem to kids, parents with pram and someone with suitcase having wheels. The idea is to leave 1' on one side of road as blank to improve accessibility. For further security this 1' blockage can be shifted 2' from original position.

6.Fixing dangling road/block signs (Assigned: Anwar)
This task involve fixing dangling/missing signs.

7.Facilitation for white wash in staircase (Assigned: Anwar)
This task involves identifying vendors and negotiating a best group deal for staircase paint work. We would
request quotes for floor wise and block wise rates. Interested residents can contact the identified vendors at
agreed rates.

8. Facilitation for wire mesh in shaft area (Status: pending)
In most of the shaft areas pigeons are quite big problem. This task involves identifying vendors and negotiating a best group deal for covering shaft area with wire mesh or equivalent material. Interested residents can contact the identified vendors at agreed rates.

9. Gas Bill Audit (Assigned: Krishna Thakur)
Many residents are complaining about wrong bills/calculations for gas charges. This task would involve randomly picking up 10 bills and checking them for accuracy. Issues if found will be followed up with vendor and re audit will be done next month.

10.Genset Maintenance Audit (Status: pending)
This task would involve checking maintenance schedule of genset and comparing with manufacturers recommended schedule.

11. Lift Maintenance Audit (Status: pending)
This task would involve checking maintenance schedule of lifts and comparing with manufacturers recommended schedule.

12. External Green Belt maintenance (Assigned: Krishna Thakur)
Need to discuss with RWA and vendor about limitations in maintaining external green belt. This is part of current agreement of vendor so should be covered.

13. Alternate Broadband service provider (Assigned: Parveen KUMAR)

Need to discuss with Wifi broadband service provider Spectranet about their bill plans and options for society. This could provide WiFi option for broadband to society. RWA also need to be involved for longer term deployment of new service provider.

14. Emergency response team (Status: Pending)
This task would involve identifying volunteers who work from home or are available near society during daytime. Most of residents are going to Noida,Delhi or Gurgaon for day job, so in case of any enrgency (medical or any other) it would be very difficult for them to reach in time. We would create a list of people to be contacted in case of emergency and get some printed card which would also involve some key numbers like Fire, Ambulance, Hospital, Police, RWA estate managers etc.

15. Blood donors database (Status: Pending)
This task would involve create database of volunteer blood donors with blood group who can  be contacted in case of emergency by residents.

16.Virtual library for Books and Movies (Status: Pending)
 Most people do not want to donate books and movies, painstakingly accumulated over the years but most would be willing to share with others. Membership would, of course, be voluntary. We can debate if the Library facility can be given to all or only the members who list their books and movies for sharing.

17.Rate Contracts with Taxi Services (Status: Pending)

Most of the residents require the services of taxi operators for Airport, Railway Station drop / pick up or for going to other NCR areas or even outside places. We could contact some of the taxi operators whose details are available with the Positive EGM group / RWA and negotiate rates for their services. Residents would have the option to pick any of the listed operators for their requirement. Apart from negotiating better rates (in bulk) we would also have a reliable database of such operators.We could think on similar lines in case of car drivers also.

18.Lining up Auto-rickshaws for the Complex (Status: Pending)
At present one has to walk to the nearest rotary to hire an auto rickshaw, which becomes cumbersome for the ladies (particularly with kids). We could get in touch with the group, which stands at the rotary and ask them for their cell numbers. These could be listed and circulated for use of the residents. When we deal with these service providers as a group representing the society the response is expected to be better.

19.Line up an ambulance service (Status: Pending)
We could speak to some good hospitals in the vicinity and talk to them about emergency ambulance service and other emergency helps.

20.Negotiate with eateries for Society discount (Status: Pending)
It would be good if we could think in terms of getting some kind of discounts for the society residents.

21.Form Cultural Society (Status: Pending)
We have a large pool of talented youngsters, ladies and gentlemen in our society. At present RWA does a good job of organizing some of the national and religious festivals. Can we think in terms of forming some kind of a good cultural society, which could organize periodic performances and even organize workshops for children?
22. Unified solution for DTH installation (Status: Pending)
Today majority of society is preffering DTH over cable TV. Random dish installation has affected asthetics of society. Also smaller dishes are prone to blockage during bad weather. We can discuss with major service provider (Dish TV, Tata Sky) to install central dishes.