Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Positive EGM task force is formed

The positive EGM taskforce is ready today with a mission to make EGM the best society in NCR. Positive minded partners from all blocks of our society have joined the task force. Here are the members:

Parveen Kumar (G-6,SF)
Samir Sahai (I-1102, Riviera)
Deepak Baranwal (S-12,GF)
Anwar Shahab (G-12A,SF)
Yogendra Deva (1502, Citadel)
Krishna Thakur (S-11,SF)
Krishna Dharasurkar (A-33,FF)
Chandrajit Debnath (S-4,SF)
Rajneesh Sharma (S-12,FF)
Avadesh (804,Citadel)
Capt. Subodh Verma (A-17,TF)
Sanjay (S-21,SF)

Kick off meeting was held today at rotary park. Every one participated in planning the action plan and ground rules. The Positive EGM aims to act like a micro volunteering platform where one can contribute time as per one's convenience. All volunteer would work at same level and there would be minimum overheads like meeting/ reporting.
Next meeting is targeted after one month or on completion of 25 activities, whichever is earlier.